Innovative therapy in the field of ACNE treatment by AGAS Concept.

An Acne Vulgaris,A chronic inflammatory disease of the folliculo-sebaceous unit, is characterized by a variety of lesions: comedones, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts.The comedone blocks the sebum secretion at the entrance of the Canal that contain the hair follicle.

Acne  starts mainly as a result of  increased sebum production which is the ideal growing environment for the P-ACNE bacteria. When the lesions become infected by bacteria, an inflammatory response starts and is characterized  by fever, swelling, redness, pain and abscesses formation.

After the inflammatory response ends, the spaces that were filled with inflammatory cells and pus are left empty as cavities that are filling up by  skin fibers  that eventually forms a scar tissue.


skinMore than 80% of the population suffer from Acne in different levels. Acne is a multifactorial skin disorder likely caused by  several factor such as adolescence, stress, nutrition, hormonal status, unsuitable cosmetics products use etc.

Studies show that P-ACNE bacteria tends to develop resistances to commonly known antibiotics. This has lead AGAS researches to develop a therapy that contains powerful combination of highly effective natural active ingredients which are considered therapies in the pharmaceutical industry.


AGAS ACNE & OILY SKIN – a powerful combination of highly effective natural antibiotics

2 Types of natural antibiotics  each of which works on a different mechanism of action that overcomes the P.ACNE resistance.

  1. Caprea Lac enzyme combine with natural lactic acid that contribute to PH levels refinement and stabilization preventing from the bacteria the environment it needs to thrive. Caprea Lac was known in ancient days as a powerful dry skin product.
  2. Olea Europaea – an extract from olive oil which contains natural Oleuropein and Elenolic acid,  both  are strong natural acids that prevent and treat all kinds of infections.

How AGAS  overcomes side effects?

The ACNE products  in the market today offers various peeling and skin drying  products that are aimed at reducing sebum levels but at the same time also cause skin aging, moisture loss, formation of scars and resistances to commonly known antibiotics.

  • Natural minerals  are known for their rejuvenating qualities, skin nourishment, activation of the blood system and distinctive healing properties .
  • Ingredients that gently melt the skin surface and stimulate the natural skin healing process.

Why using AGAS ACNE & OILY SKIN?  

  • Reduces the level of P.ACNE bacteria.
  • Melts black heads.
  • Prevents comedones appearance.
  • Decreases sebum production.
  • Stimulates cell regeneration.
  • Prevents scars formation.

AGAS ACNE & OILY skin products for professional use only

For professional use:

  • AGAS Healing Soap
  • AGAS Toner
  • AGAS BIO Lactocylic
  • AGAS Rehabilitate mask 
  • AGAS Inflammatory mask
  • AGAS Azelaic Acid gel
  • AGAS Healing cream
  • AGAS Sun screen
  •  Proven results after 4 sessions.
  •  Hypoallergenic
  •  Parabens free
  • 100% natural ingredient

An essential part of the AGAS  treatment is the home use aimed at maintaining healthy skin and effectively prevent secondary breakouts and formation of scars.

Recommended treatment at home

5Z2A2519 (Small)

  • AGAS  Healing soap
    AGAS Inflammatory mask
  • AGAS Azelaic Acid gel
  • AGAS Healing cream
  • AGAS Sun screen


Available only by Dermatologists prescription.*