Protecting the skin from the adverse effects of UV radiation has become a major goal in skin care. A number of classic performance of UVA and UVB filters are currently available on the market as organic and inorganic sunscreens.

The vast majority of sunscreen products have high levels of Sun Protection Factors (SPF), thus exposing the patient to high amounts of organic UV filters which may lead to negative side effects such as allergy reactions. These side effects could be prevented by AGAS’s capsule technology.

AGAS’S innovative approach to broad-spectrum sun protection

Highly advanced sun defense product utilizing UV-capsule technology
AGAS’s UV- filters are entrapped in micro-capsules, a unique micro-encapsulation technology that locks the organic sunscreen chemicals in silica glass. This unique technology enables to achieve a high UV defiance while preventing from organic chemicals to reach and interact with the/your skin.

This advanced technology keeps UV filters on the outer layer of the skin acting as an invisible shield while also separates them from other components in the formulation, thus, allowing safer and more efficient UV protection compared with traditional UV protection products. In addition the cream formula that contain minerals and amorphous coating materials offer better tightness and resistance than polymers or waxes used in most existing products.


  •   50 SPF
  •   UVA / UVB
  •   Hypoallergenic
  •   Safe
  •   Maximum moisture
  •   Pleasant skin feeling
  •   Perfect for makeup base