Skin spots are caused mainly by exposure to UV radiation, hormonal changes, aging, certain medications and heredity. There are three types of skin pigmentation: Melasma, inflammatory process spots and sunspots.

Most of the existing whitening products are based on the inhibition of the enzyme  Tyrosinase resulting in  negative side effects such as the formation of free radicals that accelerate the aging processes, loss of elasticity and dryness  of the skin.

AGAS scientists  have developed what is referred to as “the most effective whitening formula” known to date. The formula lightens visible epidermal layers, while regulating melanin production in the deeper dermis. We at AGAS Concept successfully isolated the whitening activating ingredients as a stand-alone products. The “AGAS activator”, thus dramatically improve the whitening results.

AGAS Fresh MIX Whitening method

A novel method that is based on active natural ingredients separation

Every chemical ingredient has a life time. The active ingredients, the effective compoennet of a formula in creams, usually slowly decay causing the product to be less and less efficient over time. In chemistry this is called “Half Life Time” . When the whitening active ingredients are mixed and stored together with the whitening Activator and the whitening  gel, their chemical reaction starts immediately, resulting in a less effective product that has already started its lifetime before its actual use.
The  Fresh MIX method developed by AGAS creates a powerful synergy between the various ingredients and highly increases the efficiency of the formula much more than the efficiency of each ingredient separately.

AGAS line of product is divided to two types of products:

  1. AGAS active products for professional use, strongly affect the skin and have immediate outcome and therefore require professional supervising.
  2. Lavan passive products line that aimed at maintaining skin health and protecting it from environmental damages and extrinsic aging process.





Dunaliella seaweed – AGAS solution to overcome Anti-aging process

Part of the aging process is the formation of dark skin and pigmentation. The causes for these changes are loss of humidity, and reduced antioxidants level. The fascinating Dunaliella seaweed, a unique algae consists of tremendous array of minerals, proteins and lipids.  This seaweed is also known for its richest natural source of beta-carotene (pre-cursor to vitamin A), a powerful antioxidant that nourishes and revitalizes skin cells while preventing anti oxidation process.



  •   Whitens the skin
  •   Reduces pigmentation
  •   Uneven skin texture
  •   Anti-aging
  •   Rejuvenation
  •   Firms and tightens skin texture
  •   Keeps skin glow


For professional use

  • AGAS Healing soap
  • AGAS AHA Cleanser
  • AGAS Toner
  •  AGAS Whitening Activator
  •  AGAS Whitening Gel Exfoliator
  • AGAS BIO Kojicol
  • AGAS BIO Mandelic
  • AGAS BIO Rejuvenation complex
  • AGAS Azelaic acid gel
  • AGAS Whitening Boosting Mask
  • AGAS Whitening Eye mask
  • AGAS Whitening Nourishing Cream
  • AGAS Sunscreen SPF 50
  • For professional use only!
  • Highly effective
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Parabens free
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • For any external skin surface
  • For men and women


 AGAS and devices the synergistic effect secret

The combination of devices and AGAS accelerate the process of new cell formation and effect the synthesis of melanin from 2 different angles and this is the secret behind its synergy.



To continue treatment at home – AGAS HOME Series

AGAS home product line was specifically developed for home use and maintenance. Maintenance routine is extreamly important after whitening treatment as Melanin production tend to occur at the same area, a phaenomena sometimes called “melanin memory”.

5Z2A2508 (Small)


  • AGAS Healing soap
  • AGAS AHA Cleanser
  • AGAS  Serum
  • AGAS Peeling Gel
  • AGAS Eye cream
  • AGAS Nourishing Cream
  • AGAS Azelaic acid gel