Living with acne, pigmentation, or scarring due to acne is not a condition that needs to be accepted!

More serious skin problems such as traumatic skin cause by different factors, facial lines and severe acne scar etc, may lead patients to consider more aggressive treatment such as face lift, deep pilings, procedures that involves higher risks and longer recovery period.

The solution – AGAS VMAX™

AGAS researchers have developed AGAS VMAX for dermatologists and skin specialists as a complimentary or stand-alone treatment for a wide range of invasive treatments such as laser resurfacing, and face lift.

VMAX™ helps dermatologists to achieve skin health improvement with proven technology delivered in a business model that makes sense.

The multi VMAX treatments are noninvasive, 100% safe and requires no downtime,

A single VMAX™ session can treat multiple skin conditions at the same time avoiding the need to undergo several procedures.

Choosing the appropriate treatment modality which is a key to treatment outcomes, depends on careful evaluation and determination of patients’ needs, skin type and condition to be treated. This allows designed personalized treatment plan.

MRL™ technology – The future is already here

AGAS VMAX based on a powerful Magnet Resonance Therapy the only scientifically-proven technology known for its ability to penetrate to the skin deep and affect skin cells at the molecular level (ATP) to dramatically increase the skin rejuvenation process, an effect that no other technology has succeeded to achieve. By combination with multiple wavelengths Light Therapy in a different face areas, deliver an effective treatment method for an array of facial solutions. In the human skull structure, the natural system of the blood flow and the nerves system in pass-through the sides of the face from the back of the head to its front. . Accordingly, exposing the perimeter area of the face to a magnetic resonance increases the natural blood flow to facial area assisting in healing process in the skin deep while also providing a relaxation feeling resulting from its effect on the nerves.

The amazing VMAX™ technology enables to focus on each face area separately in order to match the specific care to the skin type for an efficient and outstanding outcomes.

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With so many applications, it is no wonder that many dermatologists consider AGAS VMAX™ to be the most effective “must have” skin treatment in the market today.

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