AGAS chemists have successfully isolated the active whitening ingredients, making it possible for whitening activation to begin as soon as the activator ingredients come into contact with your skin, ensuring 100% efficiency. Our activator allows maximum performance with no skin damage.

Every chemical ingredient has a defined life time. Active ingredients decay much faster over time when combined with other ingredients in most products due to chemical interactions, causing the product to be less and less efficient over time. This is called “half life time”. With AGAS technology the ingredients that chemically interact with each other are separated, preventing this decaying process. When the whitening active ingredients are combined with the whitening gel or whitening scrub, their chemical activity begins immediately.

The skin is made up of three main layers.

  •  Epidermis – the upper skin – the thin layer
  •  Dermis – the skin – the thick layer
  •  Hypodermis – sub-skin – the innermost and thickest layer of skin, essentially composed of cells that specialize in accumulating and storing fat.

The skin is the barrier between the inner body and the environment, and prevents the intrusion of outside damage such as radiation, bacteria and environmental factors.

Our AGAS treatment method affects the upper layer, the epidermis. The melanin, which is spread in the deeper layers of the epidermis, is secreted from specialized cells called melanocytes. In order to achieve maximal effect of whitening without losing the skin’s glow, which is a known unwanted side effect of whitening methods, AGAS has developed a unique formula that maintain skin moisture while whitening occurs.

The formula reaches its target cells in the deep epidermis first by modification of the skin pH which allows permeability of lipophilic agents. Second, by gentle exfoliation of the stratum corneum and third through unique proprietary composition of fatty acids that leads the active ingredients though hair follicles and sebaceous glands to the deep inner epidermis, straight to melanocytes – its target cells.

With the AGAS treatment method the active ingredients are separated so they are able to utilize 100% of their performance capabilities when they are applied and mixed them together in the procedure.

This huge difference gives a substantial advantage to the outcome of AGAS treatments, because the actual reactions of the ingredients takes place only during the treatment in real time.

In other whitening that are commonly used in the market, the active ingredients which are put in the formula actually start their life cycle the minute they assembled. In AGAS formula the reaction or life cycle of the active ingredients starts only when applied on skin, in real-time.