ANC נקודתי

ACN Spot Serum

A therapeutic serum for specific areas that helps heal inflammatory wounds and pimples, based on herbal extracts combined with vitamin E and ascorbyl. Vitamin E is known to help improve moisture levels and nourish and restore the skin. Provides protection against free radicals, reduces water loss from the epidermis layer and provides protection against sun damage. Easily absorbed by the skin. In various studies it was found that the population suffering from acne has a low level of vitamin E in the blood plasma, therefore it is important to use this vitamin. Studies prove that ascorbyl phosphate, a derivative of vitamin C, functions as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and contributes to skin hydration.

User manual:

  • Apply to the treatment area (on the wound only).
  • Frequency of treatment – morning and evening.
  • Do not wash after application.
  • For completion, it is desirable and recommended to combine re-cream from Ages Concept.


  • Not tested on animals.
  • Does not contain animal components.
  • Israeli development and production
  • Without parabens

Recommendations for the combination will be given by a professional beautician.

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Catalog number: 207102

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