AGAS Concept
Youth, Self-esteem, Happiness

AGAS Concept specializes in the development of technologies and innovative and scientifically proven products in the field of aesthetics and facial skin care.

AGAS Concept develops products and devices that work together naturally. Agas Concept’s most advanced devices combine skin care products in the clinic and further treatment at home, creating a winning formula that preserves the results and helps prevent the recurrence of various facial skin problems.

Development of new technologies and products

AGAS Concept develops its products based on dermatology, chemistry and biology. Agas Concept’s involvement among leading research institutes in the world enables the application of the most advanced technologies on its products in order to be updated and accurate accordingly.

AGAS offers advanced training in dermatology and enrichment courses using materials offered to the clientele.

The success of our customers is important to us and we offer a supportive service in order to expand the circle of customers and achieve spectacular results!

Brief background on choosing the company name:

The pear fruit (Agas in Hebrew) was cultivated about 3000 years ago and it is certain that the pear has received a lot of respect over the years: from Homer who gave them the nickname “gift of the gods” in Odessa, to the court of Louis XIV where the pear is considered a luxury food. Today, no longer a luxury, the pear is in the markets almost throughout the year.

The due respect to the   pear also in terms of  health

The due respect to the pear also in terms of health! The pear is rich in dietary fiber, a good source of vitamin C that provides a good amount of potassium and antioxidants.