Cosmopeel is a powerful peeling kit, composed of herbal extracts that help to suppress the production of excess melanin and hyperpigmentation. The new skin that grows following the peeling process blurs wrinkles, scars, pores and spots that have created over time. The treatment process creates a controlled injury of the skin tissue. This action causes the skin to respond by building new tissue that complements the surface, in a self-healing process. The peeling is also effective for oily skin, since it contains a concentration of various derivatives of beta acids, which are known to balance the level of acidity in the skin due to their unique property of penetrating the dermis layer along the hair follicle.

The kit includes 5 products, 3 products for the clinic, and 2 products for home using.

3 products for the clinic:

Extract for treatment preparation – pretreatment \ step 1: maintenance item

Summary for the beginning of the peeling process – Post treatment \ Step 2: Post

treatment Mask for feeding and peeling – double mask \ Step 3: Double mask

2 home using products:

Melanin suppressing crea