Each one of you certainly know the feeling of excitement when you perform your first treatment at the clinic and the results are to your satisfaction. However after several uses of this product the results were likely to be bit disappointing due to the formation of free radicals that decrees it efficiency from time to time.

The scientific explanation for this problem

Every chemical ingredient has a life time. The active ingredients, the effective component of a formula in creams, usually slowly decay causing the product to be less and less efficient over time. In chemistry this is called “Half Life Time”. When the whitening active ingredients are mixed and stored together with the, their chemical reaction starts immediately, resulting in a less effective product that has already started its lifetime before its actual use.

What is the solution?

AGAS scientists have developed a 2-stage whitening system. By separating the active ingredients into dual stage process, AGAS has succeeded to maintain active ingredients’ life time while obtaining “real time” activation which results in maximal efficacy.

A novel method that is based on active natural ingredients separation

The 4MIX pharmaceutical method developed by AGAS researches contribute a powerful synergy between the various ingredients that highly increases .the efficiency of the formula much more than the efficiency of each ingredient separately. The natural antioxidant ingredients in AGAS products also have anti-inflammatory properties. The skin contains a number of antioxidants that can be depleted by exposure to the sun and other environmental elements, resulting in an overload of oxidation products. The application of topical antioxidants has the capacity to replenish the antioxidant capacity of the skin and prevent oxidative damage to the skin.

Ayelet Mofar: “The formulas activate only in “real time” once both the Activator and Gel applied on your skin. This 4MIX method prevents future product oxidation when opening the product at the first time and allows the following patients to enjoy a quality treatment like it was the first one.”

Gel+ Activator

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