For hair removal and aesthetic treatments

AGAS presents the most innovative solution in the field of hair removal

• 3 wavelengths in one handle 808, 1064,755
• unpainful
• No burns
• Ice handle
• For all skin tones (including tanned skin)
• 20 million pulses
• For all hair types
• Hair remover for men and women
• The device is also suitable for facial treatments

A revolutionary handle with three diode wavelengths 808, 755, and 1064 with a double internal cooling system that prevents burning, and pain, without the risk of burns and pigmentation! Pleasant and comfortable treatment in all areas of the body. The handle simulates a massage action, safe to use and fast.

This method uses the absorption of the light coming out of the dark color pigments of the hairs, called melanin. The device emits pulses of light energy that are translated into heat energy, which destroys the unwanted hair follicles.

AGAS' device selection

Unique and advanced technology


OSMO PLASMAA revolutionary treatment for steaming excess skin Skin firming. Increases collagen production. Slows down the skin aging process. Treats wrinkles. Encourages the skin regeneration


BODY SHAPEDestroying apoptosis cells (fat cells) technology. Advanced cooling system Reducing body fat percentages 36,000 contractions, in 30 minutes top Increasing muscle mass Electromagnetic field


RF – FRACTIONAL Skin regeneration without surgical intervention Solves challenging aesthetic needs in the face and interior body Renewal and rejuvenation of the skin Acne


AGAS VMAX™ The AGAS VMAX™ system is designed for skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, and the correction of aesthetic defects such as wrinkles, folds, pigmentation, and

Socrates laser for hair removal and aesthetic treatments​