_C פרו ויטמין

Vitamin C

A rich serum containing vitamin C to brighten, firm and help reduce the signs of aging, for a healthy appearance of the facial skin. Vitamin C is known to enrich the skin with antioxidants (which contribute, in excess, to brightening the skin), increases collagen production, firm the skin, and contribute to skin moisture. Almond oil is a gentle oil, with a light texture, it can penetrate deep into the skin and clean the pores. Helps in nourishing the skin and restoring its elasticity, helps in cell renewal. For the treatment of dry skin, wrinkles and scars.

User manual:
It is recommended to use morning and evening. Apply an even layer on a clean face and absorb with gentle pats. Do not wash after application.

  • Not tested on animals.
  • It contains animals.
  • Israeli development and production
  • Without parabens

Recommendations for the combination will be given by a heritage beautician.

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